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Objective the work to be planned for your building

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Proven method

With an experience of more than 300 technical audits and a community of approved architects, ImmoPass has defined a unique analysis method for 80 control points for each building.

Our technical audits provide you with clarity on technical defects, work and budgets to be expected over the next 10 years.

Why call on ImmoPass?

As co-owners or syndic, the ImmoPass technical audit is the ideal solution to facilitate decision-making on the work to be carried out on your building.

Technical check-up

Complete technical check-up of your building at more than 80 control points

Priority of work

Definition of the priorities of the work necessary to facilitate decision-making

Estimated budgets

Estimate of the budgets necessary to define the financing needs and reserve funds

Independent technical audit of your building

The ImmoPass audit makes it possible to identify the technical problems and the work to be planned, with a prioritization at 2, 5 and 10 years, as well as an estimate of the budgets.

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L'Audit Technique ImmoPass pour les immeubles résidentiels

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How to call on ImmoPass for the audit of your building?

  1. 1

    Decision in GA

    Submit a technical audit to the agenda of your general meeting to comply with new legal obligations. - Request a free quote online.

  2. 2

    Audit order

    Order your audit, you will receive proposals for a visit date quickly.

  3. 3

    Receipt of the report

    Then receive a report of the actions to be taken in the building. This report will serve as a decision-making aid at your next general meeting of co-ownership.

Audit Technique ImmoPass pour les immeubles résidentiels Do you have specific technical needs for your building?
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Background ImmoPass Audit Technique
Technical Audit ImmoPass
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  • Visit of the architect
  • 80 checkpoints
  • Prioritization of work
  • Estimated budgets required
  • Technical solutions to your problems

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Figures at 01/06/2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the technical audit report binding and does it oblige us to carry out the work proposed by the architect?

    No. The report is a tool to guide and facilitate decision-making on the possible work to be carried out in your condominium building. The ACP remains the sole decision-making body to proceed with the execution of the proposed work. Our architects are nevertheless at your disposal to help you with the necessary procedures.

  • Does the law require an ImmoPass Technical Audit?

    The new law concerns the obligation of the Syndic and the Co-Ownership Council to present, each year at a general meeting, the extraordinary work to be planned in the building (legal opinion available here). ImmoPass offers a turnkey solution that allows you to face your new responsibilities arising therefrom.

  • Does the technical audit have to be carried out every year?

    Not at all. The technical audit will give you a 10-year vision on the condition of your building and the work and maintenance that are to be expected. However, depending on how old your building is, an audit every 5 years is recommended.

  • Will we have the technical audit report before the next GA?s

    Of course, the ideal is that you can analyze the report in order to put the necessary actions on the agenda of your next GA. To do this, the technical audit must be ordered at least 1 month before the next GA. In practice, you can order the audit after the positive decision of the first GA, this will ensure that you get the reports a few months later, well before the second GA of the following year.

  • Is it necessary to have other offers than the technical audit of ImmoPass for acceptance at the General Meeting?

    It is often advisable to use several companies in order to compare the different price offers. To date, however, there are no other companies specializing in the technical audit of condominium buildings to meet the requirements of the new law that came into force on January 1, 2019. You could nevertheless find some expert offices or architecture that will accept to fulfill this mission. However, our strength lies in our specialization in this type of audit, with experienced architects trained in these specific themes. In addition, we provide a standardized service of quality, with flexibility and speed of execution at a transparent and fixed price.

  • Are your prices competitive in the market?

    We put all our efforts to guarantee a high quality service, by providing our approved architects with a series of advanced tools and technologies. This allows us to perform technical audits optimally while guaranteeing the professionalism and quality of our expertise. This approach allows us to offer competitive prices with the best quality / price ratio.
    By comparison, the cost of the technical audit represents on average only 3% of the annual working capital of your co-ownership (source: Oscar-SNPC), and only 0.6% if we consider that it is not carried out. once every 5 years.

  • Is the technical audit interesting for a recent building?

    Although there are probably fewer problematic remarks, the technical audit is still interesting to ensure the good technical sustainability of the building, to play on your ten-year guarantee or as a positive commercial tool to reassure a buyer. in the event of the sale of an apartment.

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