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Your partner for monitoring your WATER CONSUMPTION and RAPID LEAK DETECTION in all your buildings"

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34% of buildings today have an invisible leak


2% of buildings suffer from water damage each year


The cost of the water leak can impact up to 60% of your water bill

Aqua.Sensor device

This innovative device automatically calculates the water consumption of your building.
It detects and alerts you immediately in the event of a water leak.

Available with ImmoPass technical audit!

Audit Technique ImmoPass - Présentation en assemblée générale

Why is it important to guard against water leaks?

Audit Technique ImmoPass de vos immeubles résidentiels

  1. 1

    Cost of water leak

    An undetected water leak can increase your water bill by up to 60%

  2. 2

    Water damage

    A poorly located leak can cause irreparable damage to the building and its contents.

  3. 3


    The constant humidity of the structural elements of your building puts the safety and comfort of life at risk.

  4. 4

    Declaration of repetitive claims to the insurance company

    Repeated claims putting the co-owners, the trustee and the insurance company in a worrying situation.

  5. 5

    Threat of exclusion from the insurance company

    Total or partial exclusion from insurance coverage is regularly observed


  • Real-time monitoring on computer or smartphone
  • Follow-up for 5 years included
  • Installation offered during an ImmoPass Technical Audit
ImmoPass works with Keypoint and Shayp for a complete technical management of your building.

L'Audit Technique ImmoPass pour les immeubles résidentiels

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